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Senior Wellness Practitioner and Co-Founder

In 2006 Asma was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. In the midst of her battle with Graves' disease, she discovered the transformative power of holistic health, yoga, and wellness. Faced with the challenges of managing her symptoms and maintaining a sense of balance, Asma embarked on a journey of self-care and self-discovery.

Yoga became her sanctuary, providing a refuge from the physical and emotional turmoil caused by Graves' disease. Through gentle poses and mindful movements, Asma found solace in the present moment, allowing her body to release tension and reconnect with its innate healing abilities.

As Asma delved deeper into her holistic health exploration, she embraced a holistic lifestyle. Asma began nourishing her body with wholesome, nutrient-dense foods, prioritizing fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  By incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into her diet, she noticed a reduction in symptoms such as fatigue and joint pain.

In addition to yoga and nutrition, she explored complementary therapies to support her well-being. Meditation and breathwork became integral parts of Asma's daily routine, helping her manage stress and promote mental clarity. Acupuncture and herbal remedies were also incorporated into her healing journey, providing additional support for her body's natural healing processes.

Over time, Asma witnessed remarkable changes in her health. Her energy levels had improved, and she experienced fewer flare-ups. Through her commitment to holistic health, yoga, and wellness, Asma not only gained control over her condition but also discovered a profound sense of empowerment and resilience.

Today, she shares her story and knowledge with others, inspiring individuals with Graves' disease and autoimmune conditions to embrace holistic approaches and cultivate a life of balance, well-being, and self-care.


Co - Founder

Asma’s right hand person as well as her sister, Siyma currently wears a lot of hats. All things to do with running our small but thriving hub, Siyma also works for a charity and helps manage their operations. Also a mum to a very active 6 year old, Siyma leads an immensely busy but fulfilling life yet still has time for her social bubble, films, reading and her new hobby – painting everything in sight!

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“I have greatly valued my sessions with Asma, and look forward to them every week. She’s a very good listener and has the ability to immediately zero in on issues for me to address. It took me just five minutes in our initial conversation to feel comfortable opening up to her. She has done a great deal to help me focus on and begin to address stress-related issues that have weighed heavily on my mind for years.”


“Asma has helped me a lot because I was in a really bad place and she’s helped me to get out of that mindset and become a better version of myself. I will always keep what she’s taught me in mind.”


“Asma helped me when I was under a lot of stress and taught me how to manage my anxiety. I still use the breathing techniques she taught me today.”


“It’s not easy self-referring for therapy but I am glad I did; I came in tight and left loose. All round happier and more fulfilled for it. I feel closer to my immediate family and able to live my life with less mental clutter. While I had not come in to help with my professional life, the self analysis tools I left with have had an unexpected benefit in the work place. A surprising bonus, as it were.”


“Asma has been an immense source of strength through a very difficult time in our marriage. Her non-judgmental way of dealing with people is refreshing and of huge value. She has helped steer us through the turbulence that has involved much self reflection and a changing of ways. I truly believe we couldn’t have achieved our current harmony without her guidance.”


“Asma offers an extremely rare and beautiful combination of support skills that work wonders. From physical & mental health support (meditation, reflection, empathy, nutrition, yoga, stretching exercises) to actual life coaching advice, her active listening and practical solution-driven approach together with her ever so incredible positivity will radiate onto your life and help go through rough moments. I cannot recommend Asma more!”

Antoine W2

“Asma has truly been one of the most positive people in my life. In a world that seems so complex and challenging right now, Asma provides a sanctuary of therapy, non-judgemental advice and holistic support. Asma is truly a wonderful human being who makes my life so much lighter and better.”

Aarti NW1

“Asma really helped me when I was stressed about my SATs, she taught me all kinds of ways to cope which I still use now, four years later.”

Constance London

“I’m not entirely sure how to begin this testimonial other than with the utmost gratitude in having found Asma. Her gentle, nurturing guidance allowed us to grow as a family as well as individuals in our parenting journey. She has helped us, along with our children in a way we did not expect and putting her methods into practice has made the world of difference in our dynamic as a whole. We will forever be thankful for this. Thank you, Asma.”

Rupalee NW6

“Asma is a warm, caring and empathetic coach, providing practical guidance and encouragement supporting my aim to make positive changes in my life. She has a fun but firm manner and helps me look at situations from an alternative perspective, challenging thoughts and behaviours that are holding me back from realising my potential.”

Alys Herts

“Asma has helped our family, especially my children, in more ways than I can count – from breathing techniques and meditation, to advice on managing anxiety. Her authentic and generous spirit make her an inspiring teacher and life coach. She creates a space that feels safe and can see any problem with clarity, providing you with the tools to manage them. Mindfulness has allowed me to better manage the stresses of life. Thanks, Asma.”

Nishita W9

“Asma worked her magic on me without me even realising.”

Kaz London