Regain control of your life, heal from your past and let us help you navigate to a better future. We offer coaching as a bespoke service for you as one to one, couples and group sessions.

We address issues such as;

– No confidence
– Low self Esteem
– Ineffective communication in relationships
– Fears and anxieties

We work with you in order to;

– Gain Confidence
– Overcome Limiting Beliefs
– Recognise Self Sabotage
– Effective communication and boundary setting
– Couples Communication Sessions

We work using guided meditation, manifestation and goal setting.

Asma expertise extends to assisting individuals who are grappling with anxiety caused by medical issues. She understands the immense emotional and psychological impact such circumstances can have on one’s well-being. Through a combination of empathy, active listening, and personalised strategies, she empowers her clients to navigate their anxiety, build resilience, and find inner calm.

One of Asma primary goals is to create a healthy and balanced life for her clients. She helps them develop personalised self-care practices, implement stress-management techniques, and cultivate mindfulness to foster a sense of calm and well-being. By guiding clients in finding their unique paths to a healthier and happier life, Asma helps them achieve lasting transformation and a sense of fulfilment.

Above all, Asma is committed to providing a nurturing and non-judgmental space for her clients. Her empathetic approach, combined with her diverse training and experience, enables her to build strong and trusting relationships with those she serves. With Asma as their life coach, individuals can find the support and guidance they need to navigate life’s challenges, embrace their strengths, and create a life that is calm, healthy, and filled with joy.



Asma is certified Life coach to deliver the following; 

Breathwork Practitioner
Accredited Life Coach
Women’s Coaching
Immersive Meditation training

Mindful and transformation 
London Centre of Mindful Coaching

Trauma Sensitive Meditation

Children’s Meditation Coach

Mindful Living

Mindful Parenting

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being fully ‘present’ in the moment. This means that it doesn’t really matter where you are or what you’re doing, it’s learning to be aware of living in the here and now.

Obviously, the physical You, is always there, but very often our thoughts can be somewhere else (deadlines, work, dinner, chores, shopping…)

And it’s not hard or a laborious style of therapy to get your head around – in fact, it can be the easiest thing to do once you know-how.

Mindfulness is a technique that allows us first to notice and then attune ourselves to our surroundings. These could be small moments like being aware of the sound of a bird to more longer and purposeful moments like focussing on your breathing.

The goal is to increase calmness, to knowingly notice the small wonders of life and to really, truly love them.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness helps us to be more aware of what is actually happening, rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen.

It is proven to help manage and prevent feelings of stress, anxiety and depression and it allows anyone who practices it to live with more appreciation and attention.

Does Mindfulness Work?

Thankfully, yes. Large organisations such as Google, Apple as well as educational institutions and hospitals now implement mindfulness sessions and training. Additionally, it is recommended by the NHS and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

According to the NHS, mindfulness can improve your mental health wellbeing, help you to enjoy life more and combat anxiety, depression and stress.

How We Can Help?

Neuroscience research has shown us we need 30 consecutive days to adapt and establish new habits.

We therefore offer a stepping stone to your new lifestyle.

We offer sessions (online) and teach, using guided meditations and practical solutions to manage day to day struggles and anxieties.

We address panic attacks, low self esteem in addition to life and career coaching.

We offer an initial group of six weekly sessions for adults, children and couples.