Regain control of your life, heal from your past and let us help you navigate to a better future. We offer coaching as a bespoke service for you as one to one, couples and group sessions.

We address issues such as;

– No confidence
– Low self Esteem
– Ineffective communication in relationships
– Fears and anxieties

We work with you in order to;

– Gain Confidence
– Overcome Limiting Beliefs
– Recognise Self Sabotage
– Effective communication and boundary setting
– Couples Communication Sessions

We work using guided meditation, manifestation and goal setting.

 Asma is an accredited life and transformation coach – you can read more about her here:  

Asma is also trained to offer the following:

  • Breathwork Facilitation
  • Life Coaching
  • Women’s Coaching
  • Immersive Meditation training

  • Mindful and transformation 
  • Coaching

  • Trauma Sensitive Meditation

  • Children’s Meditation Coach

  • Mindful Living

  • Mindful Parenting